Intellego: Comperio , by Catullus ex Guernicus (Level 14, Quality 11).
Perdo: Ars Perdo , by Javolenus ex Flambeau (Level 15, Quality 10).
Rego: Moderatrix , by Pertinax ex Tremere (Level 14, Quality 11).
Corpus: The Movement of the Hand, by Tranquilla ex Bonisagi (Level 15, Quality 14)
Herbam Summa: Of Stalk and Seed, by Theodoric ex Miscellanea (Level 16, Quality 12).
Mentem Summa: Anima et Eius Natura, by Magunnus ex Tytalus (Level 18, Quality 12).
Vim Summa: Omniferum, by Wasili ex Criamon (Level 14, Quality 9).


Rego: Commentary on Moderatrix by Xenophon ex Tremere (quality 15) – An in depth commentary expanding on several theoretical facets of the text.
Rego: Commentary on Moderatrix by Horatius ex Tremere (quality 12) Expands the basic principles of Rego. Focused on practical issues of control.
Corpus: Commentary on The Movement of the Handby Cumhachd ex Tytalus (quality 15) A critical review of the subject pointing out shortcomings of the text and the author.
Vim: Commentary on Omniferum by Laterala ex Tremere (Quality 14)- A scathing commentary on the text which points out certain flaws in the original work


Ignem: Vulcan’s Tool, by Tuticanus ex Verditius (Quality 12)
Vim: Fortis Magicus, by Ruso ex Miscellanea (Quality 13)

Ability Summae

Herbalism: All the Plants of the World, and Their Various Abilities Mystic and Mundane, by Richard Overfork ex Miscellanea (Level 7, Quality 14).
Parma Magica: Hoplite’s Armor, by Pamphilius ex Guernicus (Level 5 Quality 12).
Penetration: The Sharp Spear, by Lepontus of Flambeau.(Level 5, Quality 8).

Ability Commentaries

Parma Magica: Commentary on Hoplite’s Armor by Valeran ex Guernicus (Quality 15). A well-written commentary expanding on various points made by the original author.

Ability Tractatus

Lab Texts

Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 40)


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