Ankoydes's Laboratory

Ankoydes’s laboratory is in a spacious building, separate from his own living quarters (to ensure that his wife and daughter are unharmed in case of an accident). It is built of stone, with bars over the windows (horizontally and vertically) to keep out possible intruders and a portcullis in the door. The portc ullis does not have a winch, lever, or any other way of being raised or lowered mundanely; Ankoydes instead relies upon his skill with Rego Terram to manipulate the iron device.

His wife is a regular visitor to the laboratory, helping to clean and maintain the laboratory and the equipment as best she can.

Size: +1(0) (650 sq ft/60.4 sq m)
Refinement: +1
General Quality: 0
Upkeep: +1
Safety: 0
Warping: +0
Health: +1
Aesthetics: +5

Dedicated Building (Structure, Free): Upkeep +1, Aesthetics +1, Rego +1
Defences (Structure, Free): Aesthetics +1
Lesser Feature: Forge (Structure, Minor): Aesthetics +1, Terram +1
Magical Heating: Superior (Supernatural, Free): Health +1, Aesthetics +1, Ignem +1
Magical Lighting: Superior (Supernatural, Free): Aesthetics +1, Texts +1
Person (Outfittings, Free): Safety -1, Corpus +1

+1 Rego
+1 Corpus
+1 Ignem
+1 Terram
+1 Texts

Ankoydes's Laboratory

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