Ankoydes doctrinae Bjornaeris

A family man and protector of the weak, with a talent for Terram.



Year: 1261 (Winter)
House: Bjornaer
Clan: Sirnas
Political Stance: Harmonist
Age: 55 (36)
Size: +1
Confidence: 1 (3)
Year Born: 1206
Birth Name: Alexandros Eliapoulos
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Greek
Birthplace: southern Rhodope Mountains
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Height: 7’2" (216 cm)
Weight: 434 lbs (197 kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Handedness: Right
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 5 (1)

Intelligence: +2
Perception: 0
Presence: +1
Communication: 0
Strength: +1
Stamina: +2
Dexterity: -1
Quickness: 0

The Gift (Free)
Hermetic Magus (Free, Social)
Heartbeast: Bear (Free, Hermetic/House Virtue)
Affinity with Terram
Gentle Gift (Major)
Minor Magical Focus: Wards (Free, result of Clan Initiation in 1248)
Puissant Terram
Quiet Magic x2
Subtle Magic

Cyclic Magic: Negative (-3 during Winter)
Dependent (Wife Xenia, and their daughter Sophia) (Major, Story)
Feral Scent
Twilight Prone (Major, Hermetic)
Vow: to forever protect those weaker than himself (Free, result of Clan Initiation in 1248)

Area Lore: Rhodope Mountains 2
Area Lore: Theban Tribunal 2
Artes Liberales 2 (Latin and Greek script)
Bjornaer Lore 2
Bows 3
Brawl 3
Classical Greek 5
Code of Hermes 3
Etiquette 2
Finesse 4
Greek 5 (Native)
Heartbeast 2
Latin 4
Leadership 1
Magic Theory 5
Order of Hermes Lore 2
Parma Magica 4
Blacksmith 1
Single Weapon 6
Slavic 0(4)
Survival 2
Teaching 2
Thrown Weapon 3

Personality Traits: tbd

Reputations: Unclean 2, Dedicated (the weak) 1

Soak: 12 (2 Sta + 3 Tough + 7 Armour)

Combat Init Atk Dfn Dmg Range
Dodge -2 n/a +3 n/a
Fist -2 +2 +3 +1
Kick -3 +2 +2 +4
Knife +2 +3 +3 +3
Knife (Thrown) +2 +3 +3 +3 5
Short Sword w/Shield -2 +8 +13 +6
Javelin -2 +4 +3 +6 10
Short Bow -2 +4 +3 +6 15
Equipment Load
Armour: Full Metal Scale 7
Javelin 1
Knife 0
Shield (Heater) 2
Short Bow 2
Short Sword 1

Total Load: 13
Burden: 4
Load: 3

Wizard’s Sigil: His spell-casting leaves him and/or the target slightly dirty or dusty (think “Pig-Pen” from Peanuts) – the more powerful the spell, the dirtier.
Pater: Giorgos of Bjornaer
Gauntlet: 1231 (age 25)
Covenant of Apprenticeship: Polyaigos

Art Score Bonus MR
Creo 9
Intellego 5
Muto 5
Perdo 5
Rego 14
Animal 6 2 26
Aquam 0 0 20
Auram 5 1 25
Corpus 12 3 32
Herbam 5 1 25
Ignem 7 2 27
Imaginem 0 0 20
Mentem 5 1 25
Terram 15+3 4 38
Vim 8(1) 2 28

Longevity Ritual Bonus: +13

Spell CT Level Range Duration Target Pen Notes
Bear’s Leap +22 ReAn 15 Personal Momentary Individual +7 (Custom spell)
Blade of the Virulent Flame +18 CrIg 15 Touch Diameter Individual +3
The Crystal Dart +25 MuTe 10 Voice Momentary Individual +15
The Earth’s Carbuncle +25 ReTe 15 Voice Momentary Part +10
Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain +25 InTe 15 Personal Concentration Vision +10
Hands of the Grasping Earth +25 ReTe 15 Voice Diameter Part +10
Invisible Sling of Velano +35 ReTe 10 Touch Momentary Individual +25 Mastery: Precise Casting
Lamp Without Flame +18 CrIg 10 Touch Concentration Individual +8
Levitation of the Stepping Stones +29 Cr(Re)Te 25 Voice Diameter Group +4
Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier +25 PeTe 20 Touch Momentary Individual +5
Pit of the Gaping Earth +25 PeTe 15 Voice Momentary Part +10
Quiver of a Moment’s Notice +16 CrHe 15 Touch Diameter Group +1 (Custom spell)
Repel the Steely Blades +34 ReTe 10 Personal Concentration Group +24 (The Net Wizard’s Grimoire)
Seven-League Stride +28 ReCo 30 Personal Momentary Individual -2
Shriek of the Impending Shafts +12 InHe 15 Personal Sun Hearing -3
Soothe the Ferocious Bear +22 ReAn 10 Voice Momentary Individual +12
Stride to Safety +28 ReCo 35 Touch Momentary Individual -7 (Custom spell, designed for Xenia)
Sword from the Unseen Scabbard +30 CrTe 15 Touch Diameter Individual +15 Mastery: Fast Casting
Trackless Step +34 ReTe 10 Touch Concentration Individual +24
The Voice of the Bjornaer Magus +13 MuAn 15 Personal Sun Individual -2
Wall of Protecting Stone +29 CrTe 25 Voice Sun Individual -4
Ward Against Beasts +28 ReAn 20 Touch Ring Circle +8 Focus: Wards
Ward Against Faeries of the Mountain +48 ReTe 15 Touch Ring Circle +33 Focus: Wards
Ward Against Monsters Which Walk As Man +40 ReCo 25 Touch Ring Circle +15 Focus: Wards
Ward Against Weapons +48 ReTe 30 Touch Ring Circle +18 Focus: Wards
The Warming Wizard +18 CrIg 5 Touch Sun Individual +13 (The Net Wizard’s Grimoire)
Wizard’s Communion +15 MuVi 15 Voice Momentary Group +0
Wizard’s Leap +28 ReCo 15 Personal Momentary Individual +13

Alexandros Eliapolous was born the third son of Elias Georiopolous in the gold-mining village of Esochi, in the southern Rhodopi Mountains. Although he had always been large for his age, he was not allowed to help in the mines, for fear that he would pocket whatever gold he found.

When he was seven, his father was approached by a woman calling herself Alkyone, who convinced Elias to let her take Alexandros away, to where people knew how to deal with “children like him.” Once the boy was well away from Esochi, Alkyone explained that she believed that he had a gift, an innate ability to work magic. Alexandros scoffed at the idea, until Alkyone showed him a few simple spells that she could do. She then took him to be fostered at the covenant of Epidauros until the Tribunal meeting in 1214, where he learned the basics of Hermetic society and how to read and write Greek.

The next year, at the Tribunal meeting on Delos, Alexandros interviewed with several magi before choosing Giorgos of Bjornaer (a minor Hoplite with a badger Heartbeast and also skilled in Terram), a member of the Covenant of Polyaigos. His first Gathering of Twelve Years was only a year later, in 1215, when it was revealed that Alexandros’s Heartbeast was a bear. Although he was considered a magus by Bjornaer standards, he still completed his traditional Hermetic apprenticeship. He was, for most of his tenure, the only apprentice at Polyaigos.

Twelve years into his apprenticeship (1227), Alexandros took note of 15-year-old Xenia Sosigenakis, the daughter of one of the turb (and she of him). They were married less than year later.

After he was officially (i.e. Hermetically) gauntleted, Alexandros took the name Ankoydes and chose to remain at the covenant he grew up in, continuing his training at a future Hoplite. This included weapons training, education in Hermetic law, and learning which magi were more likely to cause problems for the Tribunal. All four of his children were born at Polyaigos. His son, Hector Ankoydopoulos, was born shortly after his Hermetic Gauntlet in 1230. Helene was born in 1235, Daphne in 1238, and Sophia in 1244.

In the summer of 1249, Ankoydes returned to Crintera and underwent his clan’s Ritual of Initiation (The Oath of the Helpful Stranger). After he completed his ordeal (gaining a proficiency in wards he didn’t have before, and swearing an oath to protect everyone weaker than himself), he decided to move with his family (sans Hector, who is a part of the turb at Polyaigos) to the covenant of Epidauros. He would spend the next ten years of his life in service to the Order by helping to keep not only the healing magi of the covenant safe when they had to leave for whatever reason, but to protect the covenfolk (many of whom were weak or infirm and had been healed by the Epidaurian magi).

Spring of 1260 found himself in correspondence with Laterala, and the Tremere maga convinced him to come to Hévíz to provide some much-needed protection for a bunch of “mewling academic types”. Helene and Daphne have chosen to stay to help at Epidauros (Helene as a nurse, and Daphne apprenticing with the librarian), leaving Ankoydes, his wife Xenia, and daughter Sophia to travel to their new home in Transylvania.

Ankoydes doctrinae Bjornaeris

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