The Library

Comperio , by Catullus ex Guernicus (Intellego summa, Level 14, Quality 11). Ars Perdo , by Javolenus ex Flambeau(Perdo Summa, Level 15, Quality 10). Moderatrix , by Pertinax ex Tremere(Rego Summa, Level 14, Quality 11). p. Commentary Xenophon ex Tremere (quality 15) – An in depth commentary expanding on several theoretical facets of the text.

Commentary Horatius ex Tremere (quality 12) Expands the basic principles of Rego. Focused on practical issues of control.

Of Stalk and Seed, by Theodoric ex Miscellanea (Herbam Summa, Level 16, Quality 12).
Omniferum, by Wasili ex Criamon (Vim Summa, Level 14, Quality 9).
p. Commentary Laterala ex Tremere (Quality 14)- A scathing commentary on the text which points out certain flaws in the original work
Anima et Eius Natura, by Magunnus ex Tytalus (Mentem Summa, Level 18, Quality 12).
Fortis Magicus, by Ruso ex Miscellanea ( Vim TractatusQuality 13)
Vulcan’s Tool, by Tuticanus ex Verditius (Ignem Tractatus Quality 12)
The Movement of the Hand, by Tranquilla ex Bonisagi (Corpus Summa Level 15, Quality 14)
p. _ Commentary Cumhachd ex Tytalus_ (quality 15) A critical review of the subject pointing out shortcomings of the text and the author.
Hoplite’s Armor, by Pamphilius ex Guernicus(Parma Magica Tractatus level 5 Quality 12).
p. Commentary Valeran ex Guernicus (Quality 15) Well written commentary expanding on various points made by the original author.
All the Plants of the World, and Their Various Abilities Mystic and Mundane, by Richard Overfork ex Miscellanea (Herbalism Summa, Level 7, Quality 14).
The Sharp Spear, by Lepontus of Flambeau. Summa on Penetration, Level 5, Quality 8.

Laboratory Text for the ritual spell Binding the Hermetic Codex ReAn(var) 20, Covenants p.97, Latin, 4 points
Laboratory Text for the spell Lungs of the Fish, MuAq(Au) 20, AM5 p.122, Latin, 4 points
Laboratory Text for the spell Cloak of Eagle Feathers, MuCo(An) 30 (as Cloak of Black Feathers, AM5 p.131, but transforms into an eagle), Latin, 6 points
Laboratory Text for the spell Ink of Noblest Metals, MuTe(Aq) 20, Covenants p.97, Latin, 4 points
Laboratory Text for the spell Wizard’s Communion, MuVi 30, AM5 p.160, Latin, 6 points
Laboratory Text for the spell Wizard’s Reach (Herbam), MuVi 30, AM5 p.160, Latin, 6 points
Laboratory Text for the spell Ritual’s Communion, MuVi 30, (Sun Duration Wizard’s Communion, AM5 p.160), Latin, 6 points
Lab text for Aegis of the Hearth ReVi 40

Book’s belonging to Doimita, but placed in library:

Summa: Nομική ιστορία του δικαστηρίου Θηβαίο, Legal History of the Theban Tribunal, by Ausculator ex Guernicus. Summa, Code of Hermes, L5Q10. This codex is written in Classical Greek, and contains a record of all the cases brought before the Theban Tribunal, together with a discussion of the legal principles and precedents involved. Ausculator ex Guernicus (Sundered Eagle p.68) is the nominal author, although much of the material has been taken from various works over the centuries (which explains why the quality is ‘only’ 10, below other works by this author). Diotima obtained a copy, officially to translate it into Latin, but also to study it at her leisure. 25 points

Book’s Belonging to Eve:
Opus Arcanum, and it contains several different writings, each counted as a different book: Introduction to the writings of Eve: Magic Theory Tractus Q14, Raw Value: Creo Tractus Q14, Ruminations on creatures of clockwork: Vim Tractus Q14, Methods of Refinement: Rego Tractus Q14


This is the collection of books that are publically availible to the covenant

The Library

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