Arktos ex Miscellanea

Arktos ex Miscellanea is a Hermetic animal tamer of the Quinotauri tradition.


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Arktos is a stocky, shortish man with determined eyes. As he plods along, his odd gait makes his bushy beard and long hair flail about. When he talks to people, he tends to stand so close that they smell the fatty fish he loves to gorge on. He is a bit gruff and pushy, but has a soft spot for those weaker than himself. When cornered, he is fearless.

Arktos likes to have his way. His magic is almost exclusively geared towards ordering animals and humans around, and he has an unparalleled talent for controlling his spells. Few know, however, that there is an aspect of his magic that he cannot control: Every full moon, he transforms into a fierce, menacing werebear. At the end of some of these episodes, he sheds a sliver of silvery hair that contains Rego vis. Arktos hates losing control in this way, and has devised a spell that he uses to put himself to sleep for the duration of the were episode. He strives to become the greatest magical animal tamer in the order. The works together with his magical hound familiar Remus and its pack.

Arktos has lived all his life in the covenant of Polyaigos in the Theban tribunal, where his pater Nuncius still resides. Arktos used to enjoy life at the militant covenant, capturing creatures and hunting down enemies of the Order. He was, however, troubled by declining populations of magical animals in the Aegean region. When Arktos wrote about these worries to his friend and patron Lexander of Tremere, the elderly Fector beast master arranged him a position in the Oppidum of Héviz cataloging, capturing, and taming the magical creatures. Arktos welcomed the fresh hunting grounds, the high prices of the regulated Tremere magical animal market, and the order and discipline of the Tremere social structure.

The Quinotauri tradition, ex Miscellanea:

The Quinotauri claim to descend from a disowned second son of Merovech, the founder of the Merovingian dynasty and a son of the shapeshifting monster Quinotaurus (for more information, see the Normandy tribunal book, p. 8 ). This heritage supposedly grants them the ability to shapeshift, but also binds their magic to their hair. The tradition’s monstrous roots render it vulnerable to the Dominion, which is why its members tend to gravitate away from populous areas.

Arktos ex Miscellanea

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